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Cost Savings
  • Payroll and payroll taxes
  • Administration staff salaries
  • Job board advertising
  • Hiring and screening
  • Training and orientation costs

Improved Efficiency
  • Eliminate the hours spent managing the substitute process, the people, and the paperwork.
  • Increase human resources productivity by allowing VLS-ES to implement year-round recruiting, screening, training, and staffing.
  • Reduce stress surrounding last minute absences.

Educational Clip Art
Learn About VLS—Educational Staffing

Village Learning Solutions—Educational Staffing specializes in providing substitute management solutions for child care centers, charter schools, and private schools. We understand that your school may not have the human or financial resources of a large school district; however, you still have the same responsibilities across the board, including managing absenteeism and substitute placement.

Highly Qualified/Well-trained Substitutes

With VLS-ES, valuable classroom time will not be wasted with instruction that is inadequate. All personnel hired by VLS-ES must demonstrate that they possess the skills and knowledge necessary to warrant their employment.

Our substitutes are guaranteed to meet and exceed your education, experience, character, and ability requirements. All VLS-ES substitutes complete a thorough, professional training program on classroom management techniques and teaching strategies before we  assign them to your school. In addition, we conduct school-specific training to familiarize the teacher with your school's teaching methods, expectations, policies, and procedures.