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Our Services

The services we provide at Village Learning Solutions—Educational Staffing is as invaluable as the children in your care.

Child Care Centers

Expectations in child care center staff quality are high. Child care centers have a vital role in teaching and therefore require much more training and education than babysitting. With the often fluctuating staffing needs requiring the need to staff up or down quickly, our services help you when you need it—on the spot.

Private Schools

We understand that private schools have different requirements than public schools within the same state, so finding a substitute teacher for your school that is the "right fit" may be challenging. VLS-ES specializes in meeting these challenges by helping you find the teachers with the very specific skills you need.

Charter Schools

The 4000 plus charter schools in the U.S. all operate independently of their respective public school systems and, therefore, are responsible for their own human resources and substitute management. Let VLS-ES help you manage this very important but often overwhelming job, leaving you to take care of your most precious responsibility—the children in your care.

After-school Program Management

VLS-ES works with school districts, individual schools, and community-based organizations by providing a dedicated after-school program management team to acquire, train, and retain highly qualified and trained professionals to facilitate your after school programs.

Intervention Programs

Village Learning Solutions offers a variety of programs focused on supporting schools by providing one-on-one and small group tutoring. You may facilitate these programs during the school day as pull-out programs or after school. We provide research-based curriculums that have been proven successful in improving fluency in math and reading. We can also tutor your existing programs and provide the tutors for you, making your job a lot easier!


We offer support solutions inside and outside of the classroom too. Let’s face it, there is always more work than there are hours in a day or people to do it! Our para-educators provide instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers, allowing teachers more time to focus on instruction, lesson plans, and other tasks that are best executed by the actual teacher.

How our para-educators can help you:

  • Work with students who require more one-on-one interaction (including students with IEP's, disabilities, and more)
  • Act as a translator
  • Assist with classroom management
  • Help maintain a clean and organized classroom
  • Provide lunch time support
  • Facilitate exams
  • And more!