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Let us help carry the burden of making sure you are well-staffed. We will find the highly qualified staff you need to fill the available positions at your school, whether you need them long term, short term, down the line, or immediately.

Child Care Centers and Schools

Teacher absence combined with ineffective substitutes can negatively affect student achievement. Unfortunately, substitute teacher quality is often not addressed, but at VLS-ES, we operate with its importance at the forefront of our hiring process.

Only the Most Qualified Professionals

We provide training opportunities to all VLS-ES employees, helping them improve their skills and be the best substitute teachers available anywhere. We want to be sure that the goals, objectives, content, and expectations for student achievement and learning will not be compromised because a substitute is teaching a class.

Choosing VLS-ES ensures appropriate attention is paid to maximizing the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of the substitute teachers serving in their districts.